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The commitment: Pray for an inmate’s requests for 4 Weeks

When we respond to an inmate’s request/s, we do it in faith that the Prayer Team will indeed hold them up in prayer. Our commitment to the inmate is that we pray for them (being “mindful” of them) for 4 Weeks. Being part of the Prayer Team can be as simple as incorporating the prayers into your normal prayer routine, or setting aside a specific time during the week time to focus on praying for an inmate. How long or how often you pray for the request/s is at your own discretion.

Bible Study groups, Youth Groups, Men’s/Women’s Ministries etc. can also sign up to be a part of the Prayer Team as a single entity, using a single contact person.

If you wish to be involved as part of the Shemayah Prayer Team, please fill out the following form:

*STATEMENT OF FAITH: Do you beleive that Jesus Christ is your personal Lord and Saviour and that he died for the redemption of all sinners?

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