Currently, the only correspondence we are receiving is from within the USA.  BUT, that is not by design, simply because we haven't been introduced to any Inmates elsewhere - yet!  If/when that happens, Shemayah absolutely will grow with that need.

No.  While we acknowledge an individual's right to believe in/worship whomever they choose, we (Shemayah) believe that salvation is through Christ alone (John 14:6).  Thus, it would be hypocritical to allow other faith groups (even if they share a common heart for the well-being of the incarcerated) to be included if we do not acknowledge any divine power behind their prayers.  See our Statement of Faith

Possibly.  The correspondence between Prayer Team and Inmate is anonymous, for their privacy and the Prayer Team's security.  But, if you feel a conviction to reach out to an inmate, email us and we'll reach out to the inmate on your behalf.  If they respond in the positive - we'll connect you!

Currently, yes, but we hope to expand that as the need arises.  We are currently working towards implementing a Spanish speaking Prayer Team.

Absolutely!  James 5:16 says  ' . . . The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective'.   Through faith, we are counted as righteous in God's eyes because of Christ's payment for our sins.  Therefore, it's not about how long we may have believed in Jesus, but BECAUSE we believe that God receives our prayers.

We commit to praying for an inmate (eg. their requests) for one month.  Whether it is every day, every other day or once a week as part of a group - it is up to your discretion.   If you pray with genuine earnest and sincerity for not only the requests given, but the faith journey of the inmate - that will guide your time given to the task!

From  the verb שמע (shama') - 'to hear', combined with  יה (yah), the shortened name of the Lord.  Also frequently spelled 'Shemaiah'

Meaning - 'Yah has Heard' or 'Heard of Yah'.  Or - 'God listens'

Pronunciation?  Mmm, good question.  The most accurate may be 'Shema -Yah', but as 'Shemaiah' is similar to Isaiah, the central sound probably should be an 'A' sound, not an 'I' sound.

Thus, we go with the pronunciation of 'She - MAY - ah'.

Yes!  Shemayah has people from different countries on the Prayer Team.  Thanks to technology, that is not a limitation.